A place for women working in strata management to share, learn and grow.

We believe that if women are equipped with the right knowledge, skills and contacts, they can forge an influential place at the table (or, better yet, build their own table) in the world of real estate: a traditionally ‘male’ domain.

Women in Strata gives women working in strata management the information, support and opportunities they need to succeed in their particular part of the strata sector.



We offer networking events, educational programs and advocacy for strata:

  • managers
  • business owners
  • assistants
  • accounts staff
  • students / those aspiring to strata

Amanda Farmer

Amanda Farmer

Women in Strata founder, owner of Lawyers Chambers on Riley

Amanda Farmer is the founder of Women in Strata.

The owner of boutique legal practice Lawyers Chambers on RileyAmanda has been providing legal services to the strata sector for over 12 years. Amanda is passionate about the advancement of women in all areas of society.

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Self-Imposed Limits – How to Move Past Them.

‘Never limit yourself because of others' limited imagination; never limit others because of your own’. These words were shared by Mae Carol Jemison, who is an engineer, physician and the first African American woman to travel to space. I highly recommend her book...

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