When it comes to building a successful career or business, many well-meaning advisors are eager to share their words of wisdom:

“you’ve got to stand out from the pack!”
“it’s all about cash flow!”
“leverage your team!”
“be irreplaceable!”

We’re pulled in various directions, implementing not just one piece of advice but all of it, all at the same time. We’re left feeling frustrated as we continue to tread water, stuck where we’ve been for too long but not sure how to get unstuck.

Such a state is not unusual, even for the most seasoned business owner. But, it’s what the high achievers do next that separates them from the rest. When faced with uncertainty, challenge or inspiration, high achievers seek out a person they trust who has been there before, who has achieved the heights they too hope to achieve one day, who has made that mistake and many others and learned how to avoid it next time.

They seek out their mentor.

Mentors are not just good friends (though they can be that too). They are incredibly valuable resources for you as you move your business , career, or even your personal life to the next level. I have tapped in to the value of mentors in all shapes and sizes – from close friends far more experienced than me, to quick coffee chats, to paid mentoring programs. I credit my (seemingly) rapid success to those well-considered connections.

I’ll be speaking about my experience as both a mentor and mentee at our breakfast event on Thursday 7 October 2017 at Macquarie Bank Sydney. I’ll be joined on the panel by lawyer and long time mentor Robert Van Aalst, and Laura Mears of Belle Property, who will also share their valuable experiences and encouragement when it comes to the power of mentoring. Facilitated by Natalie Fitzgerald, this session is guaranteed to kick start the next phase of your success.

The breakfast event is the official launch of the Women in Strata Mentoring Program, and we really hope you’ll be a part of it, either as mentor or mentee. If you’re the owner of a strata business, this is a great opportunity for your staff to connect and grow with some of the sectors leading women.

With only 3 weeks to go, click here to secure your spot now.


WiS Mentor Program

Tickets: $20

+ $2.08 Event Brite booking fee


Macquarie Bank

1 Shelley Street,



Thursday, 5 October 2017

7:30 am

Including light breakfast 

Book through Event Brite at $20/ticket

** + $2.75 Event Brite booking fee

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