Well folks, it’s happening. If we like it or not. A public, non-binding postal vote on same-sex marriage. There is no point anymore in going into the details as to why this is an awful, dividing thing that will hurt LGBQTI+ members of the community and their families. The conservatives are determined to plow ahead. All we can do now is protect the vulnerable, especially kids from the nastiness and hate, and VOTE.

Consider this another public service announcement to check your enrolment details to make sure your vote in counted. It is super easy. Just go here and follow the prompts.

I thought about whether this platform is the right way for me to share this message and promote equality. My conclusion is, this is exactly the right platform. Equality is the key. To SO much.

Strata is a beautifully diverse place to work, right? I mean, of course, it is. After all, our jobs are so much about protecting the significant assets of all the people who own in our strata schemes, while achieving a sense of community for the many different humans who live and work in them. What we do is all about people. ALL THE PEOPLE. And love is love.

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