It’s award season again. At least it is in strata land. The SCA (NSW) Awards for excellence are now open. Round of applause please.

Now I know there are those who are sceptical about these types of things. I get that. As a three time loser, sorry, I mean finalist for Strata Manager of Year, I could jump on that bandwagon too. I mean, I am the strata version of Glenn Close (she’s zero from seven Oscar nominations). BUT, I do honestly believe that working to raise professionalism and recognising excellence is a good thing, a great thing even. And the winning part?  Well that’s just a bonus. At least, that’s I’ve heard. From actual winners (I joke of course) .

The best way for us all to make the awards meaningful is to participate in them. The process of writing a decent application is an intense, time consuming one. I think it should be. The judging panel are, after all, needing to base their decision on the quality of the information before them. But it’s also an excellent opportunity for self-reflection. A time to sit back and really think about your, or your businesses achievements. Which means you have to stop and consider just how amazing you are.

That’s right. You heard me. YOU are amazing. That’s the good news. The not-so-good news is;

  1. You probably don’t believe me
  2. If you don’t believe me, it’s really hard for other people to know.

So a challenge I put to you. Consider applying for an award. Download the information kit. Read the application questions. Really think about your achievements this year. That client outcome that was just perfect for everyone. That email thanking you for a job well done. That meeting you thought would be a nightmare but went perfectly.  That amazing idea that improved efficiency. That leadership thing you did that lifted morale. Those are all the things that make you amazing. And they are the things the judges want to know about.

You ARE good enough to nominate for these awards. The first step, is you believing it.

And when you’re done thinking (and writing about) your excellence, you should come and celebrate by shaking your tail feather at the WiS Karaoke night on Thursday 30 May. We can all celebrate our awesomeness together. Tickets are only twenty bucks, include drinks all night and food (how amazing are our sponsors) and all ticket sales will be donated to Share the Dignity. It’s a no brainer really. Click here to get your tickets.

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