For the third year running you will be able to donate to Share the Dignity ‘It’s in the Bag’ Christmas appeal by bringing your bag of gifts to our end of year party. 

The concept for the donation is a special one. Inspired by the alarming and growing number of homeless and at-risk women.

Using either a bag you have and no longer use, or even by buying a new one, you fill it with both necessary and nice things for a woman in need. 

The bags are distributed by charity partners to homeless women and those at risk. They find their way across Australia, from city streets to the outback. When a woman (& her family) are relocated into a shelter or a safe home, there is a bag there to greet her. 

These bags let these women know that they are important. They are cared about. Thought about. They restore a sense of dignity and of beauty. They let her know she is loved by people she does not know. 

This year Share the Dignity will be asking for donations of three types of bags;

1. a general bag for women;

2. a bag suitable for a teenager (tie a yellow ribbon on it); and

3. a bag for a new mum (tie a purple ribbon on it).

The bag is a gift from you, to a woman or teenager, you’ll never meet. So please use this list as a guide only. Be as creative as you like. But here are some hints to help get you started.

Essentials (all bags)

  1. Shampoo & Conditioner
  2. Tooth brush and tooth paste
  3. Soap
  4. Deodorant
  5. Pads & tampons

Extras (just a few ideas)

  1. Moisturizer
  2. Tissues
  3. Perfume
  4. Hair brush & ties
  5. Sunscreen
  6. A book, notebooks and pens
  7. A gift card
  8. Meal vouchers
  9. Movie tickets
  10. Socks & undies
  11. A pretty scarf
  12. Facewipes
  13. Lip gloss or balm
  14. Hand cream
  15. A water bottle
Teenage Bag (yellow ribbon)

  1. Sanitary items suitable for a young body
  2. Young fiction book
  3. Ear phones
  4. An opal card
  5. A diary
  6. Anything with glitter
New Mum Bag (purple ribbon)

  1. Maternity pads
  2. New born nappies
  3. Baby wipes
  4. Breast pads
  5. Baby wash
  6. Nappy rash cream
For health and safety reasons, and on the advice of the charities who distribute the bags, please do not include

  1. Razors,
  2. Food,
  3. Pharmaceuticals including Panadol,
  4. Any already opened/used make up, cream, pads & tampons

Tickets for the party are running out!  So you want to join in the fun on Friday 7 December click here and register right now! With thanks to our sponsors, the fabulous Lefand Group, the wonderful Strata Community Insurance, the incredible DEA Lawyers and the amazing Economos for helping make this happen.

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