That’s right my friends. There are only 11 weekends left between now and Christmas. Depending on your Christmas organisational personality, this is either forever away or a trigger point to pull out your specialist Christmas planning diary and start getting organised.

I am personality type number two. There is A LOT to get arranged. I need to decide on what theme I will be decorating in (last year was feather highlights with ice-blue and baby pink, in case you were wondering). I need to work out what presents to choose, make a list of them, research the best price with free postage, wrap in themed paper and tick off. Parties to plan. Outfits to be put together. Carols to be learnt. Kids concerts to prepare for…it’s a big deal.

Which is why the WiS ‘A night with Scotch & Soda’ is not only an excellent excuse for a fun night out, but also an opportunity to start your Christmas shopping. Maybe even finish it. At post-Christmas sales prices. Can I make a few sneaky recommendations? For him – yarn dyed belt and fun swim shorts. A wicker sun hat and art work t-shirt for her. There is even a gorgeous range of kids wear for boys and girls, including swimwear. Did I mention the ‘Felix’ range? Everyone’s favourite black cat is now a fashion icon. Annnndddddd it’s available at an incredible on the night exclusive discount in-store. We’re talking Christmas presents and summer wardrobe sorted. All while sipping bubbles and catching up with friends. Plus you could win an amazing door prize.

I will be rushing in to take advantage of that discount as soon as I can leave my prior commitment!

This fantastic event is happening next Tuesday and tickets are limited. To secure your ticket click here. In addition to networking with your strata friends, while enjoying nibbles and drinks and your exclusive on-the-night-discount, there will be professional stylists available to assist you to find the perfect summer outfit or even gift. Is there a better way to spend a Tuesday night? I think not.

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