Ahhh the luxury of menstruating. I was just sitting here thinking how very, well ‘lucky’ I am to have a uterus that needs to shed its lining. It is SUCH a luxury after all I have total control over when and how it happens. Those euphoric stomach sensations low in my abdomen. It’s no wonder we all grab our female tribe and go running along the beach in hand made fresh flower crowns when our periods come upon us, such is the luxury of a uterus. The joy of a period.

Of course, the entire paragraph I have written above is utter nonsense, but so too is the fact, that 18 years after the introduction of the GST, pads, tampons, menstrual cups and incontinence underwear are still considered luxury items.

When the Howard Government introduced the GST it did so under the promise that this was not ‘a tax on the poor’ and so certain, essential items and services were made GST exempt. Fresh food, sunscreen, some child care services, condoms. Sensible items. Also missing from that sensible list is toilet paper & baby nappies but that’s a whole other essay.

Do I think removing the GST from sanitary products will suddenly solve all economic issues faced by poor women? Of course not. Will I keep volunteering for a charity whose main purpose is to ensure all women and girls have access to pads, tampons and menstrual cups. Yes. There are bigger problems. And no, 10% won’t solve all those. But it is a start.

SO…once again another petition is going to Parliament, as the Prime Minster recently suggested this was not an issue of importance to the public. We need to remind the Government this issue has not gone away. It will not.

Please go to the Share the Dignity Axe the Tax campaign page. Sign the petition (as this is an official Parliamentary petition you will need to ‘confirm’ your signature by clicking on the link in the confirmation email, please do this). Get the men in your life to support you. Because you don’t need a uterus to know tampons and pads are required items.

And on a personal level, call me a bit mean, but I kinda enjoy watching the male politicians stumble over saying works like pad, tampon and period in question time.

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