The countdown is on for our SOLD OUT event next week.

Just like Taylor Swift tickets, these were hot. We know some of you missed out but don’t despair, we’ll be hosting our legendary annual Christmas party in November. Just remember to get in quick when we open those tickets.

Rebecca Saunders, our amazing special guest for next Thursday evening is a favourite person among our Women in Strata crew. She truly is so many things: an entrepreneur, advisor, mentor and speaker. She just sparkles (often literally. She has a fabulous collection of sparkling outfits), with an energy that draws you to listen.

Rebecca recently created The Champagne Lounge, a membership of businesswomen who come together, online and in person, for one purpose: to celebrate their achievements. And what better reason is there? Born from her habit of putting post-it notes with goals written down on bottles of champagne, Rebecca realised we’re too often too busy, too ‘humble’, too focused on the next thing to celebrate the wins.

But YOU, my friends, deserve to celebrate and to be celebrated. In fact, I’d hazard a guess that you, on more than one occasion, have organised a celebration for someone else, but have you ever arranged your own? Ever raised a glass to your own awesome achievement? No? Why not?

You can be humble and still acknowledge and celebrate yourself. Reached that goal, got that promotion, helped settle that defects case for your clients. Celebrate.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be with a bottle of bubbles, but it should be a celebration in company. Don’t keep your achievements quiet. You deserve to be noticed.

It is our great pleasure to introduce our Major Sponsor for this event – RD Facilities Management, who fittingly go by the motto ‘We make a difference by doing things differently’. We thank them for their generous support and look forward to introducing their team to you on Thursday.

As a volunteer group run by busy strata people, WiS events would not happen without the work of our amazing committee (Sarah Walmsley, Aylie Brutman, Amanda Farmer, Christine Ashfield and Reena Van Aalst), AND our sponsors who continue to support us.

In addition to RD Facilities, we’d like to thank:

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