It’s never easy to hear but can be one of the most important tools we all have for improvement. Good feedback and criticism can result in positive change. But how do you tell the difference between genuine feedback and unhelpful opinion? And is it possible to not take it personally?

Well framed, thoughtful feedback is helpful. It lays groundwork for improvement. Let’s you know you are doing well, or how to be better. Good feedback is specific, non-personal and provides advice on improvement and logical reasoning as to why something isn’t working.

An opinion, on the other hand, is just someone sharing their personal thoughts on something you have done or are doing. Often, it’s an insult wrapped in a fake feedback bow. An opinion is personal, non-specific and makes comment on often irrelevant aspects of what you are doing.

Basically, if the feedback you are receiving is personal and non-specific, it isn’t feedback. It’s opinion, and that’s not the same thing.

The first step, in accepting criticism is to disregard opinion. Any non-specific and personally framed comment is not worth your time in evaluating. It takes practice to shake these off and not be hurt. But remember opinions are like heads, everyone has one. Ultimately, most opinions, including your own, are irrelevant. This is a powerful realisation.

The next step is to consider the intention of the commentary. People are mostly well intentioned. And while someone may lack the experience or tact to share feedback with you thoughtfully, if their intention was genuinely to help you improve, try and take it onboard. This does not mean you have to implement every aspect, just take the time to consider it.

A great way to get the most out of feedback, and not take it personally, is to ask questions. Asking questions like ‘what could I have done better?’ and ‘Could I have expressed that differently’ focus the person critiquing you to be specific and removes any ‘personal’ elements.

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