Hello. Hi. How are you?

It’s been a long time between drinks. And blogs.

And events! Watch this space. Announcement coming soon. It’s a good one.

Life in strata has been extra weird right? On one hand, our jobs are secure. We’re fortunate. Privileged. But wow, how intense have things been? Clients at home and needing you. Needing more. While we all adjust to the ‘new normal’. While we manage all our own emotions of life during a global health pandemic.

Are you tired? I get tired. Like bone heavy exhausted.

But also energised. Ready to tackle all the new things.

It’s the Corona-Coaster. The slow climb up. The fear builds. The exhilarating down.
The loop and the fast corners.
And then the stop.
It’s ok to be tired. And energised. In the same hour.

We’re back here at WiS. And we are so very delighted to introduce our newest member, the fabulous Annatina Aguiar. Annatina has been a long-time friend of WiS and we are delighted to have her officially join our steering committee. Senior Lawyer at Strata Community Insurance, Annatina is an intelligent, powerful and amazing woman and we are so very excited to have her onboard.

Annatina replaces Karina Heinz. Karina has been with WiS since day 1 and was both a passionate advocate and valued member of our committee. We thank Karina for all her time, input and work as part of WiS.

Watch your inbox for more regular WiS content, as we adjust our crowns back on top of our heads and take on the rest of 2020, however that may look.

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