We want to know, and where we can, we want to help.

If you need someone to talk to. To bounce ideas off. To vent to. To listen with. Please reach out. You are not in this alone. Truly. We’re here. Experiencing this with you.

In terms of Women in Strata updates, just confirming that our Karaoke Night, planned for May is now cancelled. We are contemplating bringing this to you later in the year. It seems likely that getting together for a night of fun will be needed more than ever.

In the here and now, it’s important that we keep talking to each other. Connection, while physically disconnecting will get us all through this. That and possibly wine. Definitely podcasts. Netflix. Insta & Facebook. Twitter…hmm depends on your appetite for online arguments.

A few tips that you may find useful when working from home, that don’t include ‘set an alarm’ and ‘get out of your PJ’s’:

  1. If you have kids, a partner or housemates at home, headphones are your friend. Good, noise cancelling headphones.
  2. You do not have to do everything. Honestly, you don’t. Let others do.
  3. No make-up! This is a great chance to give your skin a break and replenish it – I’ve just started using the Elizabeth Arden Radiance Renewal Capsules. They are amazing.
  4. Remember to drink water, walk in the sun and take a lunch break.
  5. Make a schedule that works for you.
  6. Indoor plants. They not only add a beautiful element to any room, they give you something to nourish (& unlike kids, partners and parents, it won’t give you sass) they help purify air.

Some online places you may find nourishing, helpful or delightful:

  • Online yoga –
  • Budget Friendly meals (read, low ingredient cooking) – search them up on Facebook
  • Learn to play Ukulele  – Andy Guitar on Youtube – 10 free beginners lessons
  • – a platform to support many of your favourite artists


Your Strata Property Facebook page where Amanda is running Friday afternoon Happy Hour live. Come and hang out, ask questions, learn and connect.

Stay safe. Connect online. Use the phone. We got this.

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