We’re looking forward to seeing so many Women in Strata supporters at our end-of-year event this Wednesday evening at Verandah Bar in Sydney. Reminder details below for those who have purchased tickets (the event is a SELL OUT).

100% of ticket proceeds are donated to charity. We are able to do this because of the generosity of our sponsors and we once again thank Accord Property Services, DEA Lawyers, Forrester & Johnson, Stratafy, BPS Strata & Insurance Restoration and Diagnostech.

If you’ve been a Women in Strata follower for a while now you will also know that we’ve never been for shying away from controversy if it means doing what is right.

The ticket proceeds for this year’s closing event will go to support Australian Family Network Ltd, founded by long-term friend and ally of Women in Strata, Robert Van Aalst.

In 2019 Robert and his team successfully fought for the repatriation of Australian orphans from Syria. As you may have seen in the media, over 3.5 years later, the final cohorts of Australian women and children are being brought home.

These women and children were held against their will, lied to, and basically human trafficked. They lived in conditions it’s impossible for us to imagine. The women were married and remarried when widowed against their will. Turned into ‘baby making’ machines without value except to produce children for ISIS. The children were fatherless or orphaned and lived in concentration camps their entire lives.

These women and children are Australians.

This may not be the story you’ll read in the media. Islamophobia and fear get more clicks and more votes. But it is the reality. They are victims, not villains

Australian Family Network Ltd will support these families as they reintegrate in Australia. From basic human needs like homes, food, bedding, furniture and books, through to the intense counselling and psychological support these women and children will need.

Women in Strata are proud to support Robert and the Australian Family Network Ltd as they offer the compassion, care and love these Australian women and children so desperately need and have been denied.

To read more please access this document authored by AFN and feel free to forward any questions. We’ll happily pass them on.

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