Around 18 months ago, I decided that I had made enough excuses: it was time to focus on my health and fitness. Time to think about what I was eating, and how much I was (or rather, wasn’t) moving.

For the two years previously I’d had my very good reasons to drop my otherwise sacred exercise routines: I had a baby; I started a business; sleep was the priority during any ‘downtime’, not further exhausting myself at the gym. But as baby became more independent and business more stable, the excuses were wearing then. It was time for action.

I have written before about what it means to “show up” for yourself each day, and as our Nutrition and Fitness Workshop is just around the corner, it’s timely we all had a reminder of the far-reaching benefits that flow when we get our health up to scratch: better sleep, increased energy, more confidence in ourselves, more focused attention. Once in place, these core elements help us see the path before us far more clearly, and navigate it more easily. With focused attention, we can be more productive in our day – remembering what the ‘big impact’ items are and prioritising them over the useless attention suckers. When we’re more confident in ourselves we put up our hands for the next opportunity and ‘sell’ ourselves to our clients and employers far more effectively.

I have experienced first hand – and continue to experience – the flow on benefits of a fit and healthy body. I want you to experience that too. A great way to start is our Nutrition and Fitness Workshop next Thursday 23 February 2017. I really hope to see you there.

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