I really don’t think there are many things as wonderful in this world as Sydney in the spring/summertime. The city is just consumed by this energy. It’s like the smell of honeysuckle at dusk fills us with an energetic joy, a reminder of, well life.

 The Women in Strata steering committee are very much looking forward to sharing this energy – friendship, appreciation and connection with you at our end of year party. We’ll be at the beautiful Winery on Thursday 21 November 2019, and there are seriously only a few tickets left. Get in quick. Click here to secure your place.

 And just in case you were not already convinced we throw the best parties in strata, this year we’re bringing you a little bit of magic (& no, we’re not talking about the wine) and a touch of mayhem, including a memento for you to take home. You all know we love to surprise.

We can only achieve this through the support and generosity of wonderful sponsors, please support them as they support Women in Strata and our values:

We won’t be collecting bags this year for Share the Dignity – the logistics just don’t work, but we absolutely endorse this initiative and encourage you to support #itsinthebag by donating at your nearest Bunnings between Friday 22 November and Saturday 7 December. More information here.

Go smell those flowers friends. Help out a woman in need. Shop for Christmas gifts at a social enterprise business giving back to others. It’s springtime, and that magic that is hope is in the air. 

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