…and so the cycle goes.

It has recently been brought to my attention that this mantra is one we’d all do well to remember.

Our group, Women in Strata, has had the support of key male influencers in the strata sector since its inception in 2015. The first of those men was Gary Bugden. Another was Tony Vatner (BAC Brokers). Both of these men attended our very first round table workshop, lending us their valuable time and expertise in recognition of a cause that was well overdue for some attention.

Over the past few years, many men have joined their ranks, whether as attendees at our events, speakers, sponsors or supporters of our blogs and social media. I started to list the names of those men here, but there were too many, and I don’t want to leave anyone out.

You know who you are. Thank you.

A group or an event that holds itself out to be supportive of women and women’s issues does itself a severe disservice when it fails to make space for men, or spends time needlessly criticising men. That’s not going to get anyone anywhere, least of all women.

Men will always be actively invited to our events and welcomed as part of our group. “Women’s” events and groups that do not include male voices are not truly serving the feminist cause: they are damaging it.

We will call out sexism and misogyny; we will do everything we can to make sure women in our sector have a seat at the table, and space where they too can thrive. But we don’t need to exclude or denigrate men to achieve that. We recognise that the present difficulties some women in strata face arise from old-fashioned systems, institutions and culture, not “men”.

We recognise the men in strata who stand beside us, helping us overcome those historical burdens and leading the way for future generations of professionals: male and female.

Thank you for standing with us. You’ll always be welcomed and appreciated.

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