We know, that looking good helps you feel good. We also know, that women tend to put themselves last, looking after their needs in the teeny tiny minutes in between every else’s. Finding the balance between that killer winged eye liner and putting dinner in the slow cooker as you rush out the door is tricky. And while we’ll all keep advocating for a fairer division of domestic duties, we also want to help you out with feeling great by looking fantastic part, in no time at all.

We’re running a series of facebook tutorials on how to get amazing glowing skin and the perfect make up, quick! The tutorials will be brought to you by Erica Warner of FabuLASH. Erica holds an international managerial position for a large pharmaceutical, has three gorgeous kids under 7 AND is a guru on all things Make Up.

Starting next Monday, 28 August 2017, Erica will go ‘LIVE’ on facebook at 10am each morning for three days to share her tricks and tips for looking fabulous in minutes. The best thing? You don’t have to ‘tune in’ at 10am, we’ll create an event and keep the tutorials there, so you can watch them whenever it suits you!

Want to be part of the fun? It’s SO easy. Head on over to the Women in Strata Facebook page. ‘Like’ us, RSVP to the event and you’re in!

Women in Strata is dedicated to providing you with the advocacy, tools and education you need to improve your confidence and succeed. We’re so excited to be launching our mentoring program and hope to see you at our breakfast event in October, where you’ll get to ask a panel of ordinary people about the extraordinary benefits of mentoring. You can buy tickets here.

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