A client of mine coined the above term for me this week (or maybe you’ve heard it before and I’m late to the trauma party).

 Strata management is a tough gig. I certainly don’t envy you all: you’re the ones receiving the brunt of the complaints, hostility and blame. In fact, you’re usually the first stop for all of the above. Throw in a nice dose of disrespect for a position that is so little understood and you’ve cracked the secret recipe for resentment, burnout and all-round professional unhappiness. Yay strata!  
Those of you who aren’t managers but are still servicing the sector in one way or another can also relate, I know. We are all busier than ever before, and just when we feel we might be getting somewhere with one challenge, a new one presents itself. Sure, we said we love a challenge! But…really???!
Constant fire fighting can quickly become our natural state of being. And that just ain’t healthy. 
That’s why, particularly at this time of the year, it’s so important to take the time to stop, reflect, sit down (or rather, stand up – step away from that desk!) and enjoy the company of your strata friends and colleagues. 
Many of you will be doing just that at this year’s Women in Strata  End of Year Party on the evening of Thursday 21 November at The Winery, Surry Hills. 
Those of you lucky enough to snap up a ticket should be feeling pretty satisfied indeed right now because we are officially SOLD OUT. 
It’s set to be a fabulous evening, with plenty of that Women in Strata flair and frivolity. We will be squeezing well over 120 of you into a gorgeous venue and we’re especially happy to see lots of men on the guest list this year. Your support is particularly special. 

So, if you feel you’re suffering from a little Post Traumatic Strata Disorder after the various challenges you’ve faced and conquered this year, we’re looking forward to celebrating the wins with you (we can even point them out for you if you’re not sure. We’re good at that ????)

If you can’t make it to the event, do remember to take some time out before the end of the year – even if it’s just a quiet evening spent with those who are most special to you – because it will be 2020 before we know it, and goodness knows what that has to throw at us. Strap yourselves in.
PS – there is a waitlist for the event so do sign up here and we’re hopeful we will be able to release some more spots closer to the night.


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