It turns out that 24 July is International Self Care Day. Who knew this was even a thing? I didn’t until Tuesday when my social feeds blew up with pictures of fancy teacups, pretty women in yoga poses and candlelit bathrooms. As the majority of the posts seemed to be directed at women, it got me thinking…

Does reminding us one day a year to ‘self-care’ undo years of gender-based expectation that women do the lions share of the looking after of people and the life management or are we reinforcing that it’s ‘women’s work’ – ‘cause you know, empathy and organisational skills.

The irony is, of course, that just because we are women doesn’t mean we are good at all the things. You know the stuff. Bill paying, appointment making, birthday remembering, school ‘stuff’ (canteen volunteer anyone?), holiday planning, meal planning, social arrangements.

I mean, I got tired just writing that list. And goodness knows, I am terrible at life administration. I was once responsible for the gas being turned off at our house because I paid the electricity twice. Yet, despite being truly awful at life admin, these adult (note, not female) responsibilities still mostly fall on me in our family, and I am guessing the majority of you are doing all this work as well.

Why? It’s a big question I know.

It’s little wonder I had to do self-care yesterday by shopping at my favourite social enterprise businesses. After all, the internet told me it was good for my mental health and general wellbeing. I deserved it. And I didn’t just shop anywhere, I shopped at Secret Sisterhood and Empowering Chicks. So, I made a difference.

Hopefully, you were able to get tickets to our SOLD OUT event next month. We’ll be self-caring. You’ll get to learn, network, eat, drink and SHOP. Say what now? Did I say shop? So much yes I did. Because we’re bringing Secret Sisterhood and their amazing founder Jacquie to the event.

Jacquie Love is the vibrant, passionate and talented young woman who founded Secret Sisterhood in 2017 (at just 24!) believing that if women come together, they can end gender inequality. Secret Sisterhood is more than a beautiful line of female empowerment jewellery. It is a community, a safe place, and an enterprise making a difference, with 100% of profits returning to women through partner charities.

What I love about Jacquie (besides how beautiful her range of jewellery is) is her energy. Through Secret Sisterhood, Jacquie has created a job where she combines her passion for design with her belief in doing well by others. She created her own happy place where ‘work’ is a joy. Who wouldn’t want that?

Jacquie joins our amazing panel on Friday, 16 August 2019, at the Ivy Sunroom, where, in conjunction with our event partner Chambers Russell, and sponsors, RHM Consultants,  Pestige SolutionsLefand Group and One & Only Locksmiths, we’re bringing you An afternoon with Jamila Rizvi.

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