First and foremost. SAVE THE DATE. Friday 7 December 2018 will be the annual Women in Strata Christmas party. We’ll once again be partnering with Share the Dignity and accepting donations for the ‘It’s in the bag’ appeal. We’ll be partying at the Royal Exhibition Hotel roof top, across the road from Central station as we did last year. So mark this one in. You won’t want to miss it!

Now back to our usual programming….

Do you ever have those days where you feel…lonely? Not really in the sense of physically being alone, but isolated in the way you think. And when you feel like this you question if maybe the way you are thinking/processing/doing is wrong. It can be a hard place to exist. But it’s an important place in terms of providing space to reevaluate and self-reflect.

There is always a balance to be achieved in, well everything. But especially when undertaking self-development or mindful change. Trying to adjust your thinking to be more open, capable of expression and dynamic is so incredibly beneficial. And empowering. But looking to change your fundamental values and self; because you feel alone in your way of thinking, or misunderstood, can be destructive.

I love the image attached to this blog. It was left on my Facebook wall, unexpectedly by a well-known strata colleague, Mr Bill Coles. The timing was perfect. I was lingering in that place of isolation. Contemplating if maybe I need to shift something fundamental within myself. That something that drives me to get things done (all the things, it’s 10 weeks until Christmas y’all). I was thinking maybe I am too bossy, too emotional, too attached to certain ideas. And then the meme appeared. And I smiled, and I remembered. It is ok if people don’t like you (in this case, me), as long as they respect what you do, and your right to independent thought; and you reciprocate that respect. If they can’t respect what you do, or take the time to consider your perspective, well they are not your people. Which is also totally ok. Because not everyone will be or can be.

That’s not to say I can hang up my self-reflection hat and consider myself a done deal. I still need to make changes. I always will. I need to communicate better. Slow down sometimes. Share more with others about what I am doing and why I am doing it in a certain way. Let them know what I am thinking and why it’s important. But those core-values, of doing and not just thinking, and of fighting for what I believe in, (fighting hard). Those are not qualities for me to change. To do so would be to compromise my very self.

I don’t come to these self realisations by myself. Not often anyway. I get there when a colleague I respect puts a thoughtful meme on my Facebook wall. When my friends offer insights. When the fabulous Strata Sense team members let me know I need to do something better. And when I sit down with a mentor.

I am VERY pleased to introduce the first two sponsors to our mentor program. 

RETS will be our 2019 Mentor Program Partner. We’re very appreciate to have Sasha and her team onboard. With aligned views on the importance of education and self-development RETS can provide their unique insight into property training as we finalise development of the program

We’re also very grateful to have Dino and his team from Luna Building Management join us in sponsoring this program. Dino is committed to lifting the profile and professionalism of service delivery in the strata sector, and see’s the value the program can offer to support this transition and growth.

We’re launching the 2019 program on Friday 16 November at a breakfast event at Level 10/50 Martin Place, Sydney. Join us for a delicious and invigorating breakfast as we detail why this is the program that will grow careers and shift the sector upwards.

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