As many of you would know, Women in Strata are proud supporters of Share the Dignity. To continue in the values of support and giving back we’ll be running a silent auction for a beautiful artwork at our event next Friday.

If you can’t make the event, we’d still love for you to bid on this truly stunning piece of First Nations People art.

We have a (very) limited edition print of original art work created by Deborah Newman of YirraKurl. This beautiful piece was created by Deborah especially for Share the Dignity, with each element representing a part of what the charity it all about.


The print is framed in black timber and measures approximately 54cm x 95cm. In addition to the framed print, your purchase will include a framed story which breaks down what each element of the design means, as provided by the artist. There are only 11 of these in existence.

AND it could be yours. Starting price is at $1,200

You will be able to bid on the day if you are attending our sold-out event next Friday.

If you are not attending and would like to bid, you can do so by filling in this form.

If you would like to see the artwork it is in my office in Surry Hills, just pop me a line and we can arrange.

Share the Dignity is very grateful to Deborah for her beautiful donations, and Women are Strata are proud to host a platform whereby we can raise the funds a piece like this commands for a charity that does so much.

My terrible pictures really do not do it justice.

For more about Share the Dignity, please keep reading, or visit their website.

Share the Dignity is a charity with more facets than you might be aware. Yes, they collect sanitary items for women in need, and they hold the once a year #itsinthebag campaign but let me tell you about a few other initiatives that are changing lives.

First of all, the sanitary items collected are delivered to charity partners on request. Share the Dignity works directly with many charities of all types. From homeless shelters, to youth workers. And stocks do run out before each collection. Don’t be mistaken, there is a need that is being filled.

The Pink Machines. These custom-built vending machines dispense a ‘period pack’ every 6 minutes at no cost. They are installed all across the country, at crisis centres, McDonalds shelters and SCHOOLS. Because even in Australia girls are missing school when on their period. Well my friends, not on our watch. These machines are keeping girls in school. Education will break the cycle of poverty. And these machines are one of the main reasons that raising cash funds is vital to the charity.

While we may not like to think about it, family violence can result in death. Share the Dignity works with White Lady Funerals to arrange and fund farewells for those victims whose families cannot afford to say good-bye to their loved ones in the way they deserve and need.

And there is Activities for All – a program which aims to provide access to extra-curricula and fun activities to those kids who have been impacted by family violence.


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