As some of you may have seen on my social media feeds last week, I made my first live appearance on Sky News Real Estate last Saturday.

Here’s the link to the 10 min interview, where I talk “strata for beginners” and was also indulged with a shout out to this fabulous group that is Women in Strata, and the inroads we’re making for women in the sector.

But, promoting my tv appearance isn’t the point of today’s blog.

Instead, I want to share with you the roller coaster of emotions that the words “we want you to do live tv!” sent me on last week, and how I managed to navigate my way through what turned out to be, all round, a pretty satisfying experience. There are lessons here for us all.

My first thought after being asked to appear on the show was: “I’ve never done live”. My podcasts are edited (albeit minimally, but at least the bad words and the time taken to look up sections of the Act are deleted…) It wasn’t until my make up lady said to me on the morning of “But Amanda, you do live presentations all the time” that I thought – oh yeah. I have done live.

“But I have no media training”, I said to my mentor, Peter, on Thursday afternoon.

“Amanda, you’re having a conversation, in a room, with two other people, who you’re educating about a topic that you’re passionate about and that you know expertly. It’ll be quiet and probably freezing, but otherwise, it’s like any other conversation.”

He was right.

The concept of “live tv” took me out of my comfort zone and momentarily made me forget that I’ve been honing my expertise for almost 15 years now, such that I can talk about a topic I live and breathe most days of the week in a way that’s interesting and informative. I also discounted the wealth of experience I’ve obtained and the skills I’ve developed as an interviewer myself for the past two years, on the Your Strata Property podcast.

The moral to this story? You may not realise it, but you’re putting in the work. You’re doing the hard yards now, for whatever it is that’s on your horizon. And you might not know what that thing is until it hits you square in the face. But when it does hit you, you’ll be prepared: if you weren’t ready, you wouldn’t be presented with the opportunity. People believe in you because you’re doing or saying something believable. And it’s something worth sharing with the world.

You might relate to this in a number of ways: maybe it’s that job offer you just received? Yes, you’re ready. Maybe it’s the business idea your colleague just floated? You’re ready to take this next step. Maybe your family member or friend has asked you to step up? You’ve got this.

You’ll draw on that depth of experience you don’t even realise you’ve amassed to carry yourself towards and over the threshold of success: you’ll call on the mentors you’ve had by your side, the colleagues who have been there before you, the friends who are always there with a text message the minute before you step out: “you’ve got this!”

Because you have. We all know it. It’s just you who needs convincing.

[PS – some pics of prep time above, including the one I sent to my husband 4 minutes before air time. Yes, I was literally airbrushed]. 

[PPS –  a few final spots available for tomorrow night’s “YSP – Live” event. I’m excited to see many of you there. Last minute tickets available here:

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