It seems like we blinked and 2017, while being monumental around the world, still passed by at lightspeed. I have a long, reflective blog in the works, but this one is just to say thank you, to all of you.

On Thursday night we celebrated another fantastic year for WiS, at a party that was full of joyful laughter, grateful reflection, and best of all, women supporting each other. Over seventy fabulous people (mostly female strata managers!) joined us on the roof top of the Exhibition Hotel to drink, eat and be merry. It was SO fantastic to see so many busy managers taking time out for themselves and to celebrate and connect with each other. The night was perfect.

We also collected over 40 bags so FULL of your wonderful, thoughtful gifts for women in need through Share the Dignity. These particular bags are on their way to regional areas in NSW, to change the lives of strangers. I am SO grateful for your support of Share the Dignity and the work we do to make a difference for women in need.

Once again huge thanks to our sponsors:

Major Sponsors
Strata Community Insurance

Lefand Group


DEA Lawyers who supported our styling efforts, including the beautiful flower wall.

Strata Sense who sponsored the photobooth mirror, which was unquestionably the source of much fun. You can find all the fun of the photobooth photos on our Facebook page.

We could not have held our event without the support of these fantastic companies.

Thank you to everyone who has been part of WiS this year, whether you attended an event, become part of the mentoring program, or simply read our blogs and nodded in agreement. We appreciate your support as we continue to lift women up in strata.

Thank you also to the WiS steering committee, Reena Van Aalst, Sarah Smith, Aylie Brutman, Karina Heinz and to Amanda Farmer, who was brave enough to found WiS and strong enough to not give up.


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