This week, I ask you to indulge me, if you will.

Next Thursday 27 August 2015 I will be moderating a conversation between two strata managers and a room full of lawyers. Lauren Shaw of Dynamic Property Services and Wade McKenzie of Strata Republic have been kind enough to offer their time to the State Legal Conference 2015.

The topic? How can lawyers better service strata managers and their buildings.

In the lead up to this event, I am gathering war stories as well as tips and tricks to share with the room. This is an open invitation to contribute yours.

Strata lawyers often walk a difficult line of having to service a number of stakeholders, usually at the same time. We have the strata manager, their employer, the owners corporation, the executive committee and the lot owners. Rarely do interests align and often we have to remind ourselves who our client is. Owners corporations are subject to strict legislative requirements and timetables – particularly when it comes to obtaining consents and holding meetings. These in turn may be shifted to the lawyer to accommodate and factor in to their advice and representation. It can be a tough gig, but then so is strata management.

If you’ve had a memorable experience dealing with a strata lawyer, I’d love to hear about it. What went well and why? What mistakes did you (or the lawyer) learn from? What words of caution do you have to offer? No names, no reputations on the line.

Let’s share, learn and grow.

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