We’ve seen THREE female CEO appointments in large strata management firms in 2022. This is the type of blog post that sends shivers down my spine for all the right reasons.

Liza Perera, CEO, Strata Plus

Emily Doherty, CEO, Bright & Duggan

Sunitha Alexander, CEO, Smarter Communities 

Three intelligent, capable, qualified and experienced women who have earned their positions of leadership in the sector. Three women others can now see and aspire to be. Because representation is important. Diversity is important. This is a fabulous, significant achievement for these women and the sector.

We at WiS send our congratulations to Liza, Emily and Sunitha. We’re thrilled that Liza and Emily will be joining us at our spectacular end-of-year party at Verandah Bar in Sydney on the evening of 16 November. We hope Sunitha can make it too.

We have a teeny handful of tickets still available to STRATA MANAGERS and their direct team members. Those people can secure their spot here.

We’re going to be celebrating the night away with own DJ, and of course, amazing food and drinks. We encourage suppliers still wanting to attend to join the waiting list because, you never know.

We’d also like to introduce the first of our generous sponsors:

Accord Property Services

DEA Lawyers


Forrester & Johnson

The support from these companies gives us the ability to run stunning events where all ticket prices are donated to charities that support women and children.

Congratulations also to SCA(NSW), who as of now have reached gender parity (actually, just over, with a board of 11: 5 men and 6 women). SCA (NSW) have been engaging with members as they ponder the next steps in relation to gender equality. We don’t know the results of the recent survey, but asking the question is excellent progress and I thank the board, and especially Kirsten Terry, for their work on this important topic. For those of us who’ve been having the conversation for years, it’s refreshing to get answers back.

This progress is also reflected in the current nominations for the board, with 7 female nominations, 4 of whom are current directors.

It’s exciting times. Statistically, we’ve got a long way to go. We know that approximately 60% of employees in the strata sector are women, yet approximately 79% of businesses have a male licensee/principal. But wow, the progress!

We look forward to 2023 where we can do our bit to keep this momentum flowing towards more diversity.

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