Last week I attended a seminar by property investment expert Chris Gray. Amidst some pretty nifty property advice, we were reminded to ask ourselves: ‘why?’

Why do we do the work we do? What is it all for? Why do we spend our time this way when most of us have the privilege of choosing a number of other ways?

As Chris Gray explained, the point of knowing your ‘why’ is to ensure that every day you are doing something that in some way contributes to achieving it. So, you might say you go to work every day to achieve financial freedom. What does ‘financial freedom’ look like to you? Working less? Travel? The ability to be there for your kids when they need you? Time to read, learn, exercise? If you are working a 50+ hour week, which of these are you actually achieving, or even working towards achieving? Perhaps none.

Your life is happening now, not when you get around to it.  There’s no point waiting until you’re 70 years old and retiring to enjoy it. Take some time to work out your ‘why’ and if you’re not doing something every day to achieve or contribute to those goals, it’s time for a change.

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