2019 Mentoring Program

With a focus on well-being and accomplishment the 2019 WiS Mentoring Program offers more specialist support and resources to help participants ‘Go Past S.M.A.R.T’ – and achieve their best.


Traditional goal setting meets self-care and accomplishment in the new and improved WiS Mentoring Program.

The 2019 program will support both mentors and mentees by identifying specific areas of specialty elected by the participant. Not only will you be paired with an expert in your elected area of growth, but we will also create support pods of two pairs, providing additional collaboration opportunities for mentors and their mentees.

The areas of expertise are:

1.      Leadership

2.      Business management

3.      Innovation

4.      Strata Management

5.      Confidence & self belief

6.      Communication  


The 2019 Program will include more events and resources


  1. The launch breakfast event at Level 10/50 Martin Place, Sydney on Friday 16 November 2016 (registrations open soon).
  2. A meet and greet of all participants.
  3. A ‘train-the-trainer’ session for mentors.
  4. Mid-program group check in event, and;
  5. A wrap up event. 


  1. Train-the trainer expert mentor support.
  2. Monthly e-letter resource document with tips, tricks and links to helpful information.
  3. Full program guide – including month-by-month plan and goal setting formulas and tips.
  4.  Pod formation and collaboration.
  5. Bi-monthly two question check-in surveys.
The 2019 Objective 

The 2019 WiS mentoring program has been designed with the assistance of professional leadership and personal development experts to maximise the opportunity for success.

The program will assist mentees to not only set but achieve goals as they relate to their chosen topic of improvement, resulting in tangible outcomes such as career progression and increased confidence.

By matching expert mentors, with motivated mentees, based on specific development topics the program will assist each team to reach goal realisation through focused and targeted coaching. The relationship between mentor and mentee will be mutually beneficial, not only in extending networks but in providing opportunities for self-driven growth.

The program will support mentors to be confident in their role, providing specific training and resources. Ensuring the program is as beneficial to mentor and it is to mentee.

 The overarching objective of the WiS mentoring program is to instill in women in the sector the confidence, skills and knowledge to succeed and reach their full potential, on their own terms.

Registrations are now open for the 2019 WiS mentoring program.


To register as a mentor please click here.


To register as a mentee use this link.

 When does the program start?

Mentors will be introduced to their mentees on Monday 21 January 2019, at which point the full program guide will also be provided. You can get started right away.

There will be a training session for mentors in the first week of February and a meet and greet for all participants on Friday 15 February.

 Who can join the program?

The program is not just for strata managers but anyone working in or connected to the sector.


Anyone! As long as you have at least five years’ experience in your selected


Any woman working in any capacity in the strata sector.

 How often do we meet?

At a minimum we recommend meeting once a month. But remember, that doesn’t have to be in person. Skype, Zoom and Google meetups are all excellent video conferencing tools.

How do I know if I could be a mentor?

If you are thinking about it, chances are, you should be. Don’t worry if you have no experience in being a mentor, we’ll be helping you along the way, including holding a ‘train the mentor’ session.

 How do I sign up?

Click here for mentor form,

Click here for mentee form.

What benefits will I get from joining the program?

Too many to list! But as a start, both mentors and mentees can expect to;

Increase their confidence;

Expand their networks;

Improve communication skills;

Enjoy their jobs more;

Learn the art of goal setting – and accomplishment;

Have FUN!

 Will my boss be ok if I join up?

Of course. This is an excellent learning and growth opportunity.

And if you aren’t sure, the WiS team are happy to chat to management teams.

 Who is making this happen?

The Women in Strata Steering committee, with the support of our amazing sponsors and with the professional services of Kim McGuinness, Managing Director of Mentor Central.


With thanks to our generous sponsors who have made this invaluable program happen. Real Estate Training Services, Luna, the Building Management Company, and Diagnostech, building consultants.

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