We’re very pleased to announce our exclusive stationary partner – Alice Pleasance. I discovered Alice after recently being gifted the most magical 2019 diary, and I HAD to find a way to share these wonderful products with all of you.

Nicola from Alice Pleasance has very generously provided gorgeous pens, retailing for $19.95 for everyone attending the mentor breakfast and we’ll be doing a giveaway of a 2019 diary. These products are not your usual stationary fodder. They are unusual, whimsical and designed for women ‘who are willing to take a chance on the unexpected, escape the mundane and have the confidence to take a leap down the rabbit hole’.  There is still time to register to attend the breakfast, on Friday 16 November. This is a no cost event. Not only will you learn all about the very exciting 2019 mentoring program, you’ll walk away with a gorgeous pen and be in the chance to win a truly stunning diary.

We’ve been so fortunate at WiS to have the financial support and intellectual backing of many fantastic businesses, who see the value in the work we are doing. Support that does, at times, come to us. But mostly happens when we ask. We contact people we know, and often those we don’t. We put our hands on our hearts. We tell them what we are doing, why it is important, why we want them involved, and of course, what’s in it for them. We ask.

Asking, for anything, but especially for help or for money, is not easy. It makes all of us feel vulnerable and exposed. Perhaps apprehensive of the answer. Often, rather than ask, we try and do something ourselves, or simply live without.

The thing is, in not asking we are missing not only whatever it is we need or want, we’re missing key opportunities to make meaningful and important connections. Because in asking we are not begging. Nor are we compelling. We’re sharing a story and asking someone else to be part of it. And if they cannot be part of the story, or they don’t want to be, that’s totally ok as well. The narrative amends, someone else joins in. Once we let go of the fear of the ‘no’, we can be more confident in trusting the possibility of a yes.

Sometimes asking is transactional. An exchange of one thing, like pens, for another, being a shout out on a blog and a logo on a webpage. But at other times, right in that moment of asking, we may not have anything to offer in return. Don’t feel like that makes your ask unworthy. Life is truly swings and roundabouts. In time you will be the person who helps another. Perhaps the person who helped you, but maybe not. That does not matter. We see this at Share the Dignity. Many of our volunteers were once recipients of  a handbag full of gifts, or free sanitary items. In need at the time not only of the practical in the products, but of support, love and dignity. They now give that same support, love & dignity to others in need.

You can help to support Share the Dignity at our annual end-of-year party on Friday 7 December. We’ll once again be accepting donations of ‘it’s in the bag’ gifts or sanitary items. Registrations are now open, and we’ll do a blog shortly with tips and advice for putting together your bag. With thanks to our wonderful sponsors this is a free event.

Asking can feel hard. Really hard. But as I tell my daughter, feelings are not fact. They are real. They deserve acknowledgement, but not to be considered in making a decision to ask. Putting aside the fear, being comfortable with a possible ‘no’ and being willing to completely embrace the possibilities of the ‘yes’ will help you to be ok with asking. Perhaps, you will even find the Art in Asking, discovering a new openness that will provide confidence and endless possibilities.


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